Posted on Mar 24, 2020

Panhandle Softwash

It�s close to that time of year. Sun filled longer, warmer days. The smell of grass clippings from freshly mowed lawns. Birds chirping in the morning.

And the inevitable green organic growth on siding, wood, brick, concrete, everywhere around your home or business! Algae, mildew.� whatever you decide to call it, it�s a nuisance and can cause serious issues!

You�re probably wondering how this organic growth can survive on plastic, vinyl, wood, etc. They are feeding on sugars, dust, dirt or other things that are attached to the surface. Trees often emit ultrafine aerosols of sugars at different times of years.

How do you eliminate this problem from the surfaces? Using a professional exterior cleaning company that uses a soft wash process to safely remove the growth while leaving the surface clean without damage.

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